Osteria I RusteghiCorporate, Hosting, Photo, Video, Web Design2019
The Red House Company – Affordable Luxury in VeniceCorporate, Video2019
SIGMA Consulenze & ServiziCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2019
Iveser – Campagna 5×1000Corporate2019
UltravistaCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2019
Teatro Congressi Pietro d’AbanoCorporate, Hosting, Photo, Web Design2019
Vetreria Gino MazzuccatoCorporate, Editorial, Hosting, Web Design2018
Telematic SecurityCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2018
Jaya YogaCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2018
Venice Italy ApartmentsCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2017
ParopàmisoCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2017
Archivio dei giochiCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2017
Qui e OraCorporate2017
The Red House CompanyCorporate, Hosting, Photo, Video, Web Design2016
Fort in FestCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2016
Compagnia della VelaCorporate, Hosting, Photo, Video, Web Design2016
Sardegna InsolitaCorporate2016
Shakespeare in VenetoCorporate, Editorial, Hosting, Photo, Web Design2015
CUS VeneziaCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2015
Connect 4 ClimateCorporate, Editorial2014
BonomeaCorporate, Hosting, Video, Web Design2014
VeniceINCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2014
Flash Art EventCorporate, Editorial, Photo2013
Isola BontempiCorporate2013
Ho fatto Terna!Corporate, Video2012
WOCSA Canadian Sommelier AllianceCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2012
MURO VeneziaCorporate2008
EU OpenCorporate, Hosting, Web Design2015

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